Image by Amrita1075 from Pixabay

It’s time for HR to reinvent itself!

10th April 2020

A few days ago, while she was showing gratitude for my career counselling services, one of my clients said that she hoped all my projects were running smoothly these days. I believe the time has come for some of us to admit that recruitment has been strongly hit by this pandemic. Some employers, who have not (yet) laid off people, have instead reduced their salary costs and put recruitment on hold.

I am getting calls from my HR colleagues saying that they no longer have a job, that their projects have been switched off, and they have been told that the companies they work for will soon shut their doors. For how long? No idea! One thing is for sure: they have been sacked. “I have never been in this situation before”, a Recruiter was saying this week. “I’ve worked in HR for 10 years and I never walked in my candidates’ shoes. I now know exactly how it feels.”

This is a tough exercise in empathy. However, despite the pain and frustration, there is something that flourishes. The solidarity. Hundreds of companies are offering their online resources for free! This is an extraordinary opportunity for us all to reinvent ourselves.

HR, or the so-called Human League, is about sales and marketing. Some businesses are now looking for HR professionals with WordPress knowledge, previous experience with challenges in fast-growing, fast-paced start-ups, or with setting up automated tasks and workflows. HR is rapidly heading towards tech. People with technical experience are giving up jobs in software testing to take up technical recruitment roles, which they understand better than their HR business partners. I am not saying that only technically skilled people are able to recruit technical profiles. What I am saying is that HR recruiters should get better at understanding, in more depth, the profiles they are hiring for.

Now, it is an amazingly good time for learning…and for empathy. Also, to understand that the new B2B or B2C is H2H - Human to Human. It’s as simple as that, folks!